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For those who have been severely affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake

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We would like to express our deepest condolences to all those severely affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake. We also express our sympathies to those who have relatives and loved ones in that area.

Sola has been supporting the children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in the Tohoku area, mainly through the study support with the help of local people. Now we hope to provide support also for the children in Kumamoto. (who have been hurt by the Kumamoto Earthquake.)

Miho Hirata, our local staff, has already been to the disaster-stricken area in Kumamoto to figure out the kind of support we can provide now.

She has attended initial activities with the local support groups, administration, and churches. The needs and situations in the disaster area will continue to change depending on the situation, so please keep praying.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Pray for the healthy growth of those children, on whom the future of Japan and the world rest. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Sola Directror: Hiro Yonai

Specific Request

Please pray for all those affected and for those engaged in relief activities.

Please pray for our local staff, Miho Hirata.
She has been working together with the local churches and support groups in the disaster-stricken area since April 25.

Request for donations

Your support for the cost of supplies, transportation, living expenses in the disaster area, relief activities, etc. have reached the goal. We are so grateful for your support.
We will continue to send volunteer groups and organize programs in the Kumamoto area.
Your continuing support will help us keep running. Thanks a lot for your contribution in advance!

Car purchase costs for future support
in Kumamoto and for continued
support activities in Tohoku
US$ 10,000


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Please choose "Kumamoto Earthquake” at the "Field of Donation” row.

Sola Update

Projects that are currently in progress

    We have organized a children’s program, “Smile Kumamoto ~ Let’s play together in Mifunemachi ~” with World Vision and Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center on May 5th (Children’s Day).  We were grateful for all the participating children, parents, teachers, and city administrators. We plan to continue the collaboration with Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center.

Upcoming Activities

    * As for the support activities we have been engaged in for the children in Minami-Sanriku, we will continue to work as needed. We are also planning to meet the needs of the children who were forced to leave their houses, crushed or damaged by the earthquakes.
* We are planning to contribute to the local churches and organizations in Kumamoto in order to support children who have suffered from the earthquake.

Weekly Programs

    Although we don’t have continual activities, we still carry out personal visits and Friend Park (study support and child care) time to time.
    Contact Sola via the online mailing form.  

Latest News, History of Activities LinkIcon

Mission Statement


  • Sola’s mission is to serve the people in that region and restore the local communities so that the children who live there will be able to find a hope for the future regardless of the situations that they’re in.

  • Sola is an NPO which originated from the team of volunteers at Kokubunji Baptist Church to help the victims in the afflicted areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

  • To this day, many children residing in the stricken areas are still living under unfathomable stress and anxiety. Our primary focus is to help out these children and their families by providing individual care and support depending on their needs, and our mission is to build a firm foundation of local communities in which these children can constantly receive support for the next 10 years.


Contribute to Sola’s Works


In order for Sola to continue its work and expand its ministry, we will need financial aids to be provided by supporters. If you are interested in making a contribution to our work, please click the icon below.


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Further instructions will be given
if you would like to make a designated donation.

Financially Support Sola’s Staffs


The two staff members of Sola will require financial support to continue Sola’s activities. If you are willing to make a contribution, please click the icon below.


Click here to choose your way of finantial support.
Further instructions will be given
if you would like to make a designated support.

Participate in our Volunteer Activities


The current ministry in the Tohoku region requires cooperation from different groups of people and network building. If you are interested in our ministry and would like to participate in our Kids’ Program, please contact us from the link below. We are also looking for those who have some sort of background experience in child education.


Click here to Contact.

List of wishes we can make it happen through your donation.


LinkIconClick Here to see the previous wishes that have been accomplished through your support.

※ When the collected funds do not reach their goal, there is a chance that they will be transferred to other projects.
※ When the collected funds exceed its original goal, the surplus amount may be transferred to other projects

History of Sola

click.jpg    Activities since March 11th

sendai 085.jpgActivities since March 11th

After the East Japan Earthquake took place on March 11th, our organization have constantly sent out volunteer teams to the Tohoku region (mainly in stricken areas at Higashi-Matsushima, Ishinomaki, and Minami-Sanriku) and have worked together with NGOs including Japanese International Food for Hungry (JIFH), World Vision Japan, Oasis, and other local groups and churches to distribute supplies and food to the people there. Our volunteer teams have also visited evacuation centers such as Hotel Kanyo, Shizugawa High School, and Tokura Elementary School to provide opportunities for children to play sports and games and release their stress from the aftermath of the tsunami.

Past activities are summarized in a table. click here to view. go_detail_e.gif

click.jpg    Restoration Support

sendai 076.jpgScraping out mud, removing debris, cleaning sludge out of farmland, etc.

What we needed to do right after the disaster was to scrape out all the mud, debris, and sludge out of houses, stores, streets, farmlands, and other living areas. Since the work could only be done manually, it requires tremendous amount of time and effort. The members of the church that led to the formation of Sola, and many other volunteers have worked together with the people in disaster areas to serve one another. This activity is still continued as a work in progress.

For more information, click here go_detail_e.gif

click.jpg    Living Support

IMG_1756.JPGInstalling portable showers, Assembling bicycles, Hot Meal services, and Food delivery

After the quake, along with the repairing work, people needed support in rebuilding their living environment, since all the things needed for living had been washed away by tsunami. With the hope for helping to rebuild their lives, we installed portable showers for those who hadn’t been able to take a shower in a long time, assembled bicycles for those who lost their ways of transportation, and served hot meals and delivered food for those who were in no situation to cook.

For more information, click here go_detail_e.gif

click.jpg    Communication Support

IMG_5890.JPGStall selling, Crepe delivering

We started to support re-building the communications with one another in Ishinomaki area a couple of months after the earthquake. For example, we supported the local traditional river festival by selling baked corn and shaved ice at stalls with another Christian group. We also teamed up with a volunteer group from Taiwan and delivered hand baked crepes to pre-schools and temporary housings in Shizugawa area.

For more information, click here go_detail_e.gif

click.jpg    Kids' Program

IMG_1056.JPGBalloon program, Soccer match, T-shirt painting

Many children have lost their family and friends and this tragedy have left traumatic scar in children’s heart. We provide support and walk along with those children as they make a journey in recovery. We have provided balloon program, soccer match, and T-shirt painting for children at evacuation centers and schools. Our focus is not to provide program, but to build a relationship and spend quality time with each children.

For more information, click here go_detail_e.gif

click.jpg    When it first happened (April 2011, Movies)


The following footages show the scenes of the stricken areas when our team went in to distribute supplies to the people of Ishinomaki City in Miyagi prefecture. The sceneries of the destruction continued for more than 100km along the coast side and many areas are still left as it is today.

For more information (movies), click here. go_detail_e.gif

Organizations that have supported Sola financially

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Organizations that have collaborated with Sola

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