sola logoTo support the victims of the Great East Japan Eathquake.  Serve for Others, Live with one Another.

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Living Support

After the quake, along with the repairing work, people needed support in rebuilding their living environment, since all the things needed for living had been washed away by tsunami. With the hope for helping to rebuild their lives, we installed portable showers for those who hadn’t been able to take a shower in a long time, assembled bicycles for those who lost their ways of transportation, and served hot meals and delivered food for those who were in no situation to cook.

CHOFU KOSAN co. kindly provided prefabricated two shower rooms. We set them up in front of the local church in Ishinomaki. Water and electricity were restored only in the block where the church was located.


They need more bicycles to move around, because they lost their vehicles and couldn't get enough gas.

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People loved sweet pot, Oshiruko.

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