About Sola


Sola’s mission is to serve the people in that region and restore the local communities so that the children who live there will be able to find hope for the future regardless of the situations they’re in.


Sola is an NPO which originated from the team of volunteers at Kokubunji Baptist Church to help the victims in the afflicted areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We have mainly worked in places such as Higashimatsushima, Ishinomaki, and Minamisanriku to provide supplies and assistance for the victims of the tsunami. In the process, we have collaborated with several foundations and NGOs including: Japanese International Food for the Hungry (JIFH), World Vision Japan, Oasis, and other regional groups and churches. Our volunteer teams have also visited local evacuation centers and schools and organized sporting events for children to release their stress from the aftermath.


When the tragedy hit East Japan, many children lost their parents, families and friends, leaving deep scars on those who witnessed the actual scenes.

To this day, many children residing in the stricken areas are still living under unfathomable stress and anxiety. Our primary focus is to help out these children and their families by providing individual care and support depending on their needs, and our mission is to build a firm foundation of local communities in which these children can constantly receive support for the next 10 years.


SOLA stands for “Serve for Others, Live with one Another”, and it also means “sky” in Japanese.

People often think about hope, future, and eternity when they look up to the sky.

And by knowing that we are all connected under the same blue sky, we can pursue the same goal despite being far apart from each other.

Just as the sky has no boundaries or borders, we hope that through Sola, people will be able to relate with one another beyond all barriers of language, race, and belief.